Our classes have clear, individualized instructions to help students with the details. You choose what kind of class you would like. Options range from dynamic and strengthening workouts to calm practices that focus on breathing and relaxation. We adapt classes to all experience levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. 

Les cours sont en français et en anglais, dépendamment des participants présents.

  • Vinyasa flow yoga is dynamic style where you move frequently from pose to pose. It is inspired by the energy and focus of Ashtanga yoga with emphasis on alignment coming from Iyengar yoga. The dynamics of the practice brings a different dimension to the mental and physical principles of yoga, with more emphasis on breathing and rhythm. Vinyasa flow is suitable for people who prefer to refine their knowledge of poses by regular repetition of postures, moving in and out with the rhythm of the breath. Alignment must become instinctive and there is an added element of « drishti » or « fixed gaze » in order to help the student focus. Because they are faster paced, these classes are more physically demanding and help the student develop a better mind-body connection by linking movement with the breath. Vinyasa flow yoga is recommended for people who like a physical challenge.
    •  Ashtanga is the basis of modern Vinyasa Flow Yoga, based on a fixed sequence of poses. The primary series is taught in the « Introduction to Ashtanga » class, with focus on alignment, breathing and « drishti » (fixed gaze).
    • Flow yoga (Mysore style). Interested in taking your practice to a deeper level? Prefer to have one-on-one feedback from a teacher? Like a number of private classes taking place simultaneously, Mysore allows students to progress at their own pace and therefore the class is suitable for beginners as well as people who already have a regular and stable practice. The inspiration behind vinyasa flow yoga styles is Ashtanga yoga—famous for its teaching method, where students learn a sequence of poses and practice this sequence at their own speed. A teacher goes from student to student to offer personalized instructions to help students improve their practice and to introduce new poses, one at a time. Students can arrive at any point during the designated time and can stay for however long they like. Due to the individual nature of Mysore, it is suitable for those who are looking for an accessible practice, based on the health of the spine and the breath.
  • Hatha & Restorative yoga is a slower paced approach for those who prefer to learn the details of the practice step by step, giving special attention to physical alignment. Hatha yoga refers to the physical branch of yoga practice and our hatha classes are largely inspired by the work of B.K.S. Iyengar. They are good for people who are looking for a relaxing class or who are exploring the world of yoga for the first time. If you prefer to understand all the details of each pose from the beginning, this is a good style to begin with. Some restorative poses are taught and these focus on passive or assisted variations of postures in order to calm the nervous system. We use a variety of props to support the body in postures for 3 or more minutes. This course also introduces elements of meditation and it is a good place to begin for people interested in meditation and relaxation. (See note below about accessories.)

Please let us know if you are interested in classes requiring accessories; we can provide these at competitive prices.

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