Martial Arts

Our classes have clear, individualized instructions to help students with the details. You choose what kind of class you would like. Options range from dynamic and strengthening workouts to calm practices that focus on breathing and relaxation. We adapt classes to all experience levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. 

Flow Systema (a Russian martial art) is a modern system of self-defence with a deep biomechanical basis that builds off of the principle of adaptability and understanding of efficient physiological function. This practice places emphasis on the development of better body awareness by means of movement and self-defence exercises. The exercises are designed to help the students know and expand their own limits (as well as understanding the difference between mental and physical limits). With these emphases, women find this training particularly beneficial and classes are adapted to all levels and body types. Students are partnered appropriately to fully benefit from the practice.

Les cours sont en français et en anglais, dépendamment des participants présents.

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