Custom classes at your place of work

Feet-on-the-Ground Yoga unites several physical and mental practices to offer a variety of options to stay healthy and bring you together with your body. Classes range from dynamic and strengthening workouts to calm practices that focus on breathing and relaxation. Classes are available for all experience levels, including beginners.

energize, focus & relax

Vinyasa flow yoga  ॐ  Iyengar hatha yoga  ॐ  Pilates  
Guided Meditation  ॐ  Flow Systema, Russian Martial art 

 develop concentration & creativity

Custom classes at your place of work: Are you looking for a way to improve the health and performance of your staff, and add positive group experiences to your workplace? The Feet-on-the-Ground team has options for providing quality, tailored health and fitness services to your working staff, without you having to leave your place of business. We offer on-site group classes in multiple styles of yoga as well as Pilates, self defence and guided meditation. These can be provided on a regular recurring weekly basis in 60 minute sessions, or in a longer workshop format over several hours.

build team-spirit & productivity

Executive services: For a more personalized and executive-oriented approach, we provide stress-management practices, drawn from various traditions of meditation, yoga, and the Russian martial art, Systema.

improve strength, flexibility & posture

Les cours sont en français et en anglais, dépendamment des participants présents.

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