When you can’t walk a mile in their shoes: teaching with empathy and understanding

At the YOCOMO Yoga Festival de Montreal, Sunday November 13, 2016

When you can’t walk a mile in their shoes: teaching with empathy and understanding with Andrew Gordon Middleton and Cathy Cozens
Language: Bilingual
Stream: Diving Deeper / Teacher Stream
Type: Senior yoga (informed by Iyengar among others), Asana, Sitting, Discussion
Level: Students with some experience
Teacher: Andrew Gordon Middleton & Cathy Cozens
As teachers, we have been taught to teach what we know and that our teaching comes from our practice. What happens when we are called upon to teach beginners … in aging bodies? This workshop focuses on how to adapt our teaching to a neglected population, seniors. A student, after a life of living in a body—sometimes taking it for granted—will start to feel new sensations, new limits. When this individual comes to yoga, the teacher needs the empathy, to create and maintain an atmosphere where this new student is supported, encouraged and accepted. The teacher needs to know what might frustrate, frighten or embarrass students. In this workshop, we discuss appropriate language to use, things to watch for, how to design a program exclusively for senior as well as adapting instructions for mixed classes. We include an immersive experience to help teachers walk a mile in older shoes.

Please bring street clothes, (non-stretch) jeans if possible. If you’re stiff or creaky from the day before (or the early hour) that will help you get the most out of the workshop. If everyone could arrive stiff and creaky, that would be ideal.

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